• We finished our first year with a belt test and potluck. This will be an ongoing tradition to mark the end of every year, because it is a great, fun way to recognize everyone's hard work, both throughout the year and at the test itself.

    The Black Belt Table for the evening was a very special one for me on a personal level. It featured Roy, our club's first Black Belt; Faith, who teaches our youth program L'il Kickers, and Kassandra, one of my early Black Belt students.

    Before the test we had two special belt presentations. Kassandra was presented a Purple Belt, which is something of an inside joke, and one of our students, Amanda M., was presented with a Purple Advanced belt to replace her former belt (a colour we don't use at the school) and was also recognized for her tremendous contributions to the club this year.

    The students had an outstanding test, excelling in their patterns, self-defense, overall technique, and powerful (and in one case, creative) board breaking. They made the most of the months between tests and showed growth both athletically and in their self-confidence.