• Phoenix Martial Arts' First Black Belt: Roy Conrad

    Roy Conrad is the first individual from Phoenix Martial Arts to successfully achive the rank of Black Belt.

    To prepare for his two-part black belt test, Roy started doing what we call “two-a-days”, where he would train twice a day, six days a week. We made great use of Master Thabit's book (which teaches different techniques and shows what will be on every test), performed specialized sparring training, and when he wasn't training in Taekwondo, Roy also utilized DDP Yoga, getting both stronger and more flexible. To top it off, Roy lost 21 lbs in 35 days.

    At the test itself, Roy went on the floor with a large group of teenagers and young adults who were 20+ years younger than him, and fit right in. Technically proficient, strong, confident. The years of being a tireless worker showed on the floor that night, and Roy earned his Black Belt.

    Congratulations Roy, on behalf of everyone at Phoenix Martial Arts we are proud of your journey.

    Iron Sharpens Iron