• Master Michael Cranwell

    Head Instructor

    4th Dan Black Belt

    Phoenix Martial Arts was established in 2015 by instructor and founder, Michael Cranwell. Mike is a Kukkiwon-certified, 4th Dan Black Belt in WT Taekwondo, a Purple Sash in Kung Fu, has extensive training in Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai, as well as being a former minor league professional football player. He has worked with youth, seniors, and disabled people in a variety of settings since 2001. Mike has taught Taekwondo since 2005.  Mike has trained in nearly twenty different martial arts since 2003, has won several tournaments in both Poomsae and Sparring, and brings both his vast level of martial arts experience and his unique life experiences to his teaching.

    The focus of Phoenix Martial Arts is on improvement. We believe that martial arts can be used as a vehicle to teach life lessons. Your skill level does not matter here, what matters is your effort. With effort comes skill. For parents looking to teach their children that hard work breeds success, this is the program for you. There are no short cuts here. Children will learn that hard work, dedication, and determination are the keys to success, be it here or in the real world. 

    The self defense/anti-bullying program is unique to this school and was put together with a multi-time World Champion Kung Fu master. It has been designed to give both you and your child the best chance to survive should you ever be in an unavoidable situation. This program is for people who want to challenge themselves, who want to better themselves.

    Phoenix Martial Arts is designed with everyone in mind, because the same traits are needed to be successful regardless of one's surroundings. Having previously taught large classes with both competitive and recreational students grouped together, Mike is well-versed in working with all levels of students at the same time. Mike has also been a personal trainer since 2004 and a nutritionist since 2005, and offers specialized programs for anyone looking to get healthier.

  • Colin Greer

    2nd Dan Black Belt

    A 2nd Dan Kukkiwon-certified Black Belt, Colin has an extensive martial arts background, including over a decade in Taekwondo. Colin has an impressive tournament pedigree, having won five sparring titles, as well as several other titles in both poomsae and self-defense. With poise and patience beyond his years, Colin is entrusted to work with all levels of students, including as one of the instructors of our Li'l Kickers youth program. We are very proud of the person that Colin has grown into, and are grateful for the role he plays at the club.

  • Sydney Gee

    2nd Dan Black Belt

    A decorated, multi-sport athlete, Sydney is a Kukkiwon-certified 2nd Dan Black Belt with over a decade of training in Taekwondo. When she isn't winning track meets, Sydney can be found on The Floor, either honing her craft, or often times voluntarily taking on students to help them improve in a one-on-one environment. Sydney also helps run our social media accounts. Some even say that the moment where Sydney broke her brick during her black belt grading was the moment when Phoenix Martial Arts became a legitimate martial arts club. Sydney's light shines brightly, and we are grateful for it and for her.

  • Eileen Reinke

    2nd Dan Black Belt

    A decorated tournament champion with wins in both coloured and Black Belt divisions, Eileen is a Kukkiwon-certified 2nd Dan Black Belt with over a decade of training in Taekwondo. A true student of the game, Eileen has an innate way of reaching students with her calming demeanor and unflappable poise. Her work with our Li'l Kickers students is especially impressive. When not training or teaching, Eileen is doing great things in the UWO Science Department. We are incredibly proud of Eileen, and look forward to being a part of her continued journey.

  • Stan Laskewich

    1st Dan Black Belt

    Stan brings over 30 years of martial arts experience, from the Dojos of Japan to the Dojangs of Saskatoon. Stan brings a worldly view to our club that challenges our members to expand their way of thinking and see things from different angles. Stan is the primary teacher of our Li'l Kickers youth program, and it brings us great joy to see him share his passion for martial arts with the youngsters, and see how much they enjoy learning from him. We are honoured to have Stan and his son Alex as a part of our family. 

  • Faith Ashford

    1st Dan Black Belt

    Faith has trained in Taekwondo since the age of six, and been a Kukkiwon-certified Black Belt for eight years now. Faith has been working with children for a decade, both in Taekwondo, swimming lessons, and various camp settings. Faith was the original teacher of our Li'l Kickers youth program, in which her unwavering patience and positive attitude helped children build their martial arts foundation. She is currently working for Wilfred Laurier University, and we always look forward to her visits.