• What Does Your Program Cost?

      We offer both semester and annual rates, the annual rate being the least expensive per semester. Contact us to find out cost for both, as well as for uniform, etc.

    • How Many Times Per Week Do You Have Class?

      We run every Tuesday and Thursday, except during school holidays.

    • Do You Run Year-Round?

      We take July and August off, to give students a rest and allow them to enjoy their summer, as well as take part in other activities.

    • Do You Still Offer Teaching to Competitive Students in the Summer?

      Absolutely, any student, competitive or recreational who wants to train in the summer will have the opportunity to.

    • Other Programs Test Every Month; Why Do You Only Have Three Tests Per Year?

      For many reasons. In short, at Phoenix Martial Arts, the belts are secondary to the long-term goal of developing traits necessary to succeed in the world. Programs that have monthly belt tests are often stressful environments whose focus is only on what is on the test. Our focus is on overall physical and mental skill development and becoming a well-rounded martial artist, in an enjoyable environment.

    • Martial Arts Scare Me So I'm Worried About My Child's Safety. How Do I Know That They Will Be Safe in Your Program?

      To that I ask: How do you know that they will be safe anywhere doing anything? Anyone who makes you any guarantee regarding safety is simply not being honest. What we can say is that every precaution necessary, from proper equipment to proper flooring, to safe martial arts practices, are taken at all times. Safety is our top priority.