• In the Black Belt Class, you will both work on and further the skills you have developed in the Beginner Program, as well as learning new skills from Kung Fu and Kickboxing, among other martial arts. Any black belts from any club are offered the opportunity to sign up for these classes, as we have an open-door policy, along with relationships with several clubs in St. Thomas, London, and Dutton. Prepare to have fun and be challenged.

    We will work on enhancing all of the skills that were developed in the Beginner Program.

    • You will learn how to further hone your discipline, work ethic, focus, dedication, and self-confidence with a sense of direction and purpose.
    • You will continue to perform drills designed for high-level athletes, and they will do them at a high level, while finding the courage within to push beyond your limits.
    • You will learn a self-defense curriculum based on real-life situations.
    • You will to learn further hone your environmental awareness and how to adapt to any environment with safety in mind.
    • You will be challenged to push harder and faster than you have ever thought possible.

    My goal as an instructor is for every one of my students to be a better martial artist than I am, and to that end I will challenge you in every way possible to become as good as you can be. Will it be fun? Absolutely, the program itself is designed to be enjoyable. Will you earn everything you get in this class? Absolutely. Will you succeed? That in turn, is up to you.


    Iron Sharpens Iron.