• Phoenix Martial Arts

  • Welcome to Phoenix Martial Arts! We are a Taekwondo club in St. Thomas, Ontario that also teaches Kung Fu and Kickboxing. We use martial arts to teach our students how to thrive in the real world, be it in a self-defense situation or in everyday life.

  • Give your child the gift of confidence, leadership, respect, work ethic, focus & discipline with our Beginner Taekwondo classes. We work hard and have fun in a family atmosphere.

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  • For the club's black belts, we further expand our horizons into Kung Fu, Kickboxing, advanced self-defence concepts, and any new, fun skills that Mike has been working on.

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  • Cardio Kickboxing

    Cardio Kickboxing is everyone's favourite way of getting into better shape and releasing some serious stress in the process! The first time your leg hits that kick pad, you will see fitness in a brand new way.

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  • End of Year Coloured Belt Grading

    There is something about watching a wee little white belt child perform their pattern that...it heals your soul.  As we get older, we have memories of our past, however sometimes we mistake "memory" for what I refer to as "conscious knowledge". The difference between the two is that one is literal, the other is simply remembering a feeling. In this case, for a black belt or for someone who has never taken a martial art, they may understand that for these students, this belt grading is the hardest grading they've ever done. However, it's either been so long since they've been in that position,

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    2nd Annual All-Black Belt Grading

    Inclusion. One of the aspects of the club that we have been proud to build and develop over our first three years is the fact that anyone can walk through our doors. This past year the open-door policy included welcoming a local Karate club whose students were going to compete in an "Open" tournament (a tournament that features multiple styles of martial arts) who wanted to train with us to learn how to fight kick-heavy fighters.  That same open-door policy also allowed someone who has been unkind to the club and specific members to come to our club and support someone that they are close

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